Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    2. Course Instructor: Charles MacPherson

    3. Course Guest Speaker: John Robertson

    4. Speaking with Experts - Mr. John Robertson

    5. History of Service 1 of 3

    6. History of Service 2 of 3

    7. History of Service 3 of 3

    8. Test Your Domestic History Knowledge with this Quiz

    1. Tools of the Trade: Silverware

    2. Tools of the Trade: China

    3. Tools of the Trade: Stemware

    4. Tools of the Trade: Linen

    1. The Butler Stick

    2. The 24" Rule

    3. The Importance of Symetry

    4. Podcast: The Process of Laying the Table

    1. American Menu Composition

    2. Laying An Individual American Place Setting

    3. Laying An Entire American Table

    4. American Table Quiz

    1. British Menu Composition

    2. Laying An Individual British Place Setting

    3. Laying An Entire British Table

    4. British Table Quiz

    1. French Menu Composition

    2. Laying An Individual French Place Setting

    3. Laying An Entire French Table

    4. French Table Quiz

About this course

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President & Founder Charles MacPherson

After nearly a decade serving as major-domo, overseeing more than thirty household employees for one of Canada’s most prominent families, Charles set his sights on starting his own business. In 1996, he founded Charles MacPherson Associates, and began providing his household management expertise to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients. In 2009, Charles opened The Charles MacPherson Academy, located in Toronto, Canada, in response to the demand for highly skilled, professionally trained private service professionals. The Academy educates and equips butlers, house managers, housekeepers, and other domestic staff to meet modern-day service expectations.

Senior Butler Instructor John Robertson

John Robertson is a professional English Butler. Trained by the Ivor Spencer School for Butlers and Household Managers, London and by the Starkey Institute for Household Management, Denver, USA, John has been butler/house manager to two Forbes Billionaire List families and butler to senior members of British aristocracy. He is a founding member of the Charles MacPherson Academy for Butlers and Household Managers, Toronto, Canada. Canada's CBC radio pioneered John's weekly series, The Butler Is In, addressing a variety of everyday etiquette challenges and business soft skills.